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CM cinches were developed by a top professional horseman.

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CM CinchClick here to read about the new CM Cinch billet strap! The finest hair on billet strap on the market.CM Cinches, the finest hair on cinch on the market.CM Cinches, the finest hair on cinch on the market.Order & return information

Roy Cooper, 8 Times world champion tie down roper, a user of CM CinchesCM CinchesCM Cinches, the finest hair on cinch on the market.CM Cinch Roper Knifes

CM Cinches, the finest hair on cinch on the market.

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I wanted to write and let you know how much we are enjoying your cinches. It is not everyday that you receive a product that is much more than you expected and I thought a few folks should hear about it from a once skeptical consumer like me.

My family and I live up in the mountains of Northern New Mexico, just east of Taos. Our home is at an altitude of 8,600 feet and we are often riding our mules up and over 11,000’ mountaintops. It is not uncommon for Dollar Bill and Diamond Jim to make numerous 2000’ and 3000’ accents and descents in a course of a weekend ride of 15 miles or more. With the mules huffing and puffin, your cinches really show there worth as they have an ability to expand and contract with the animals respiration better than anything I have ever seen.

It used to be the worst when the mules were on the downhill side of the pass, starting to recover with their breathing, and then the saddle slides up pulling the cinch up tight behind there front shoulders, galling them raw. That problem is solved once and for all with the CM Cinch. My mules tell me that the sheepskin lining feels good and that the hair-on-hide exterior looks even better. Hell they feel so pampered now they are starting to act like horses - next they’ll be expecting shoes.

All kidding aside, keep up the good work and I’ll be ordering another cinch in 10 or 12 years when I wear these out.

All The Best,

Clayton McMartin